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About us

About us

Hutt St Centre is a place of connection and support, where people facing homelessness are empowered to rebuild their lives, rediscover their identities and reconnect with those who love them.

We walk alongside people on their journey toward homefulness—a word we use to describe the feeling of safety, control and confidence that comes with having a place to call home.

When people walk through our doors we help fulfil their immediate needs, like a shower, a meal, and a charged phone, while our 20+ visiting services provide support ranging from medical check-ups to financial counselling.

And with a focus on the future, we connect people with housing, education and employment opportunities to build the skills and confidence to change their circumstances for good.  

We believe in a society that grants all people an equal chance to live a full life. And until that happens, Hutt St Centre will continue to be the voice for systematic change. Through our active advocacy, our fundraising initiatives, our unrelenting support and our culture of ingrained respect, we are bringing an end to the injustice we see in our city.  

Our Vision

An end to homelessness.

Our Mission

To advocate with and empower people at risk of or experiencing homelessness, supporting them to rebuild their lives on their pathway to homefulness.

We describe homefulness as: Having a place to live with a sense of security, stability, privacy, safety and the ability to control living space. Homefulness empowers a sense of independence and self-determination.

Our Values

The core values of the Daughters of Charity guide us in achieving our mission:

Respect each person: A high regard for the worth and dignity of each person.

Provide quality service: Responding to the needs of others in a caring
and professional manner.

Encourage simplicity: Honesty, integrity, transparency and clarity of focus.

Advocate: Lobbying, advocacy and supporting the cause for people most disadvantaged
in our society.

Boundless creativity: Boundless creativity and innovation in service delivery.

Our Strategic Directions

Advocacy: Hutt St Centre will advocate with integrity and transparency to pursue impactful changes to policy, drive systemic change and improved outcomes for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Wellbeing: Hutt St Centre will deliver contemporary, person-centred, evidence-based, data-informed and innovative wellbeing services.

Homefulness: Hutt St Centre will work relentlessly with people at risk of or experiencing homelessness in order to fulfil their right to live somewhere peacefully, securely and with dignity in a suitable home.

Culture: Hutt St Centre will empower a high performing, accountable and supportive workplace culture, where all employees and volunteers are valued for their diversity of skills, experience and knowledge.

Sustainability: Hutt St Centre will ethically attract and manage its resources in order to sustain its ongoing viability and success.


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