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The Daughters of Charity

St Louise De Marillac St Vincent De Paul






About the Daughters of Charity

The priest, Vincent de Paul, and his friend, Louise de Marillac, founded the Daughters of Charity as they ministered to poor and displaced people in cities and rural areas of 17th Century France. Although the world has changed dramatically in many ways since that time, modern societies continue to generate significant numbers of marginalised individuals and families.

The Daughters of Charity have maintained their mission over the centuries, and developed their international network in the 20th Century and arrived in Australia in 1926. They established Hutt St Centre in 1954 in response to the need they saw in the south-eastern corner of the city of Adelaide.

Their mission for Hutt St Centre remains true today: to provide a multi-service, non-residential agency to support homeless and vulnerable residents of inner-city Adelaide. In addition to essential personal and professional services, their aim is to achieve secure housing and social inclusion for all who are disadvantaged and homeless, including frail and aged men and women.

The Daughters of Charity through the love of Jesus Christ and their work represent:

  • The Philosophy of the Works of the Daughters of Charity
  • Respect – Maintaining a high regard for the worth and dignity of each person
  • Quality Service – Responding to the needs of others in a caring and professional manner
  • Simplicity – Ensuring honesty, integrity, transparency and clarity of focus
  • Advocacy – Lobbying and advocating on behalf of the most disadvantaged in our society
  • Boundless creativity – Demonstrating boundless creativity and innovation in service

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"Our aim is to journey alongside each client as a 'whole' person, as he/she works towards an independent and fulfilling life. Hand in hand with this practical help is the role of advocacy."