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walk a mile in my boots

There are nearly 6,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia every year. 

We think that’s too many people facing poverty and disadvantage.

walk a mile in my boots is held annually during National Homelessness Prevention Week (August).

Each year we call on South Australians to show their support for people facing homelessness by joining us and experiencing what it is like on a cold, winter's morning to walk one mile to find something to eat, a hot shower and a friendly face.

By joining us and walking a mile in the boots of a person experiencing homelessness, you're helping make someone doing it tough realise they are not alone. Because no person who is homeless should feel like they’re walking alone.

One mile comprises approximately 2,000 steps.

Imagine walking countless steps every day without the comforts we take for granted. This is a reality for many South Australian's doing it tough.

You can make your steps really count by donating or fundraising.

By walking with us, you are showing you care about people experiencing homelessness.

By donating or fundraising, your helping ensure we can continue to offer the basic, essential services that many of us take for granted such as a hearty meal, a hot shower, a locker to store precious few belongings and access to professional and health services.

You'll be helping people like...

You'll be helping people like Anthony, Deb, Liam and Martin.

Click here to visit the walk a mile in my boots website