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Cleo's search for a purr-fect home

About the book

Cleo's search for a purr-fect home, tells the story of a small black cat searching for a safe and warm home to stay in the cold dark nights. The story follows Cleo's travels until he eventually finds the perfect place to live.

Why a children's book

The inspiration for writing this book came from 16 year old Annabelle when she learnt about the incredible service that her dear family friend, Robyn Burgan, had provided to the community at Hutt St Centre.

She then accompanied Robyn to the centre to assist with breakfast preparations. This gave her a deeper understanding of the facility and the many people who visit us every day. She discovered that the needs for each individual was varied and here at Hutt St Centre we try to assist everyone who walks through the doors.

She concluded that the social awareness of our centre could be increased, in particular amongst children and thought a children’s book was a good avenue to expand and explore. Hopefully, through this book, it will encourage others to be mindful of the needs of people experiencing homelessness in our community and possibly in the future contemplate supporting Hutt St Centre, just like Robyn does and has done for many years.

Annabelle generously wrote, illustrated and published this children’s book, all funds generated from the sales of this book are donated to Hutt St Centre.


The Outsiders CD


The Outsiders formed in September 2014 and meet every week in the Day Centre to rehearse. They perform classic rock covers such as “Hey Jude”, “Stairway to Heaven”, and “Mustang Sally”, as well as original songs written by the band members.

Thanks to a generous grant funded by Medibank, the band was able to take their songs to a recording studio in October 2015 and produce a polished CD that they could then share with others. For many of the band members, the music group has strengthened their sense of community, improved their confidence, expanded their support network, and all look forward to their regular practice sessions.

All proceeds from purchasing this CD will go back to the band, and help pay for future gigs, music tutoring, or recording time.




The Lacemaker's Son

Ted's tale is a gift

Metod (Ted) Setnikar was just four years old when his father sold him for two litres of schnapps and a handful of cigarettes.

The Lacemaker's Son is Ted's story of his escape to Australia -- as far away as he could imagine from a life of servitude in 1950s Slovenia.

It's not only compelling reading, all profits from ongoing sales of The Lacemaker's Son have been donated to the Hutt St Centre where Ted volunteers and continues to work in the Meals Centre.


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