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About us

Board & Executive

Board of Directors

Hutt St Centre is governed by a Board of Directors and is committed to preserving the spirit of the Daughters of Charity and their work with the most disadvantaged people in our community. Members of the Daughters of Charity continue to be involved with Hutt St Centre and provide a link to their global community.

Chair, Tim O'Callaghan

Andrew Cohen

Mark Hall

Peter Hoban

Noon McNamara

Campbell Mackie

Heather Parkes

Sean van der Linden

Sr Debra McCarthy

Executive Management

Chris Burns - Chief Executive Officer

Tim Conlon - General Manager, Sustainability (Corporate Services)

Michelle Tobin - General Manager, Advocacy (Communications and Fundraising)


Business development and fundraising activities are supported by the Hutt St Centre Foundation, a committee of the Hutt St Centre Board.

Chair, Mark Hall

Simon Crabb

Taryn Brumfitt

Chris Burns, CEO

Grantley Fraser

Alex Hehir

Peta Nunn

Randell Hodginkson

Simon O'Loughlin

Phil Rundle

Michelle Tobin, General Manager, Advocacy (Communications and Fundraising)