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One thing all human beings understand is the feeling of hunger. People experiencing homelessness know that feeling more than anything. By helping us as an Archangel you are ensuring that no person experiencing homelessness in Adelaide should ever feel hungry.

Archangels keep the kitchen doors open

Our Angels for a Day provide the food. Nutritious, filling and tasty meals at breakfast and lunch, 6 days a week. That’s the easy part we all understand.

But then there’s the back end. 

Our cook and kitchen manager is the only paid worker preparing and providing meals, and is supported by trained volunteers.

  • Each volunteer must, by law, have a police clearance and working with vulnerable people clearance because they are working with a vulnerable population
  • Our HR Coordinator recruits, trains and inducts volunteers to ensure we have the right people working side-by-side with us supporting people experiencing homelessness
  • Those volunteers lay and clear all crockery and cutlery on the tables, bring meals to people and clear their dishes afterwards, then clean the tables and chairs after use. 
  • They operate the commercial dishwasher and handwash all the pots.
  • Each afternoon the cleaners come in to mop the floors of the dining room after up to 200 people have eaten there and often trudged through in muddy shoes.

The stove, hotplates, combi oven, deep fryers, meat slicer, mixer, air conditioner, sink mulcher, extraction fans, freezers and fridges and the van for transporting food, are all further expenses of the meal centre. 

Without them we couldn't provide meals and companionship,
in a safe and welcoming environment.

An Archangel donation of $5,000 will help Keep the Dining Room Doors Open for a month.  Your donation will enable 10 of your staff to engage with the people you are helping, by doing a breakfast or lunch shift in the kitchen. Our people, (clients, volunteers, staff and visitors) will see your logo on the calendar of the month you support and our website visitors will notice that your company cares about people who are struggling in our community. You can proudly say that your donation means that people who are homeless know that they can come to a place that is clean, warm and well equipped to provide a hearty breakfast and lunch when they are tired and hungry.

How to get your wings

To become an Archangel for a month and discuss how your business can get involved in please contact:

Lauren Pike 
Partnerships and Philanthropy Manager
T: 08 8418 2500 or email