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Hutt St Centre

International Volunteer Day 2023

Posted by Hutt St Centre on 2023-12-05

We are so grateful for our wonderful, committed volunteers at Hutt St Centre – and International Volunteer Day is the perfect time to celebrate them!

This year’s International Volunteer Day theme is, “If everyone did…” in recognition of the more than a billion volunteers worldwide who are changing this world for the better.

We are fortunate to have 230 amazing volunteers at Hutt St Centre. They come from different walks of life, but together share the same heart for making a difference.

Meet Elin. She’s been volunteering each Thursday morning in our Dining Room for over four years now, and has recently jumped in to help with some new roles:

“As well as helping with breakfast on Thursday, I assist with Hutt St Centre’s LGBTQIA+ group.  I’m also leading a group to organise one of our Jubilee celebrations for next year – watch this space!”

When Elin’s workplace sent out a request out for corporate volunteering she leapt at the opportunity:

“I didn’t know much about homelessness, but I was looking for a cause that I felt was really important to support. Now that I’ve been volunteering for years, I feel like I’m part of the furniture!”

“I started as a volunteer thinking I was giving back. I didn’t expect to receive so much joy from getting to know people visiting Hutt St Centre. It’s changed my perspective on life and magnified my passion to help in any way that I possibly can.”

It can be intimidating to walk into a busy place like Hutt St Centre, so a warm welcome makes all the difference. That’s where Elin comes in:

“I enjoy chatting with people and making their day better, helping serve good food so no one goes hungry, and lifting their self-esteem by showing that I care for them.

“For some people, interactions with staff and volunteers at Hutt St might be the only conversations they have that day – so I want make everyone feels welcomed and valued.”

Elin has an important message for anyone who might be going through a difficult season and is thinking of seeking support at Hutt St Centre:

“If you’re going through a tough time, I’d encourage you to make the most of everything Hutt St Centre offers. There is so much support with food, accommodation, clothing and more.”

“Please know that all the volunteers at Hutt St Centre give their time because we genuinely love and care for you. You are loved and we are here for you.”

Thank you to Elin and all our volunteers for the valuable role you have in ensuring people doing it tough can seek a fresh start at Hutt St Centre.