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Hutt St Centre

Happy Say Something Nice Day

Posted by Hutt St Centre on 2022-06-01

Here's a much-needed ray of sunshine after the past few cold and gloomy days.

Today happens to be 'Say Something Nice Day', but we're big fans of saying nice things whenever the mood strikes!

When we introduced a HappyOrNot kiosk to our Wellbeing Centre last year, it was intended to give people a chance to share their feedback about what we do well and what we could improve.

But many of our clients like to use the kiosk to share kind words with our hard-working staff and volunteers. The team has truly gone above and beyond during the cold weather to ensure everyone received a warm welcome and much-needed support when they walked through our doors.

That's why this comment from an anonymous visitor meant so much:

"The very best of humanity is found in this place." 

What a spectacular compliment! But the truth is we could say the same about this community – you never fail to lift people up when they are feeling down, and we're so grateful for your support.


Image credit: Special thanks to Russell Millard for this gorgeous photo of our team member, Gaye, chatting with Aged City Living participant Michael.