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Hutt St Centre

Amplifying the voices of people experiencing homelessness

Posted by Hutt St Centre on 2021-09-22

Here at Hutt St Centre, we’re committed to supporting people with a lived experience of homelessness in a way that includes and empowers them. We walk alongside people on their journey to homefulness.

As part of this mission, we have implemented a monthly Town Hall meeting for clients of Hutt St Centre. These meetings give people at risk of or experiencing homelessness the chance to find out about what’s happening in our community and influence the decisions that affect them.

We’ve heard from guest speakers representing the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Electoral Commission, SYC’s Lived Experience and Engagement Service, The Big Issue and more.

Ahead of next year’s State and Federal elections, we’ll host local candidates who wish to speak directly with our client community and outline their plans for addressing the issues that impact their lives.

Through direct feedback, people have told us these meetings are a great way to get to know our team, learn about different programs and activities, support one another and share helpful resources.

Casey*, who attends regularly, told us: “It’s good to have the opportunity to ask questions and speak directly with people.”

And Jasmine* shared: “It’s a good chance to say thank you – the speakers are very informative. I feel looked after and very appreciated.”

Best of all, the meetings create a strong sense of community and ensure the voices of people experiencing homelessness are heard.

It’s a small but important step towards our vision of an end to homelessness.


* Out of respect for the person who has kindly shared their experience, this name has been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.