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Hutt St Centre

Homelessness in South Australia

Posted by Hutt St Centre on 2021-08-04

Homelessness is so much more common than we like to imagine.

Anyone can be become homeless, through no fault of their own. A job loss, an unexpected eviction, or a family breakdown can all too easily land someone on the streets.

In fact, of the 850 people who walk through our doors every month, 110 are new to Hutt St Centre and 33 have never been homeless before.

And while homelessness can take many forms – from couch-surfing to short-term boarding houses and overcrowded dwellings – around 60% of the people who come to us for help are sleeping rough when we first meet them.

That’s a frightening number of people who are living in their cars, staying in tents or sleeping on the streets.

We want to put an end to homelessness for every person who walks through our doors. But we can’t do it alone. Thank you for supporting us to help people rebuild their lives.