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Hutt St Centre

August 2020

Empty Homes project

Posted by Hutt St Centre

on 20/08/2020

Why are so many residential properties in Adelaide CBD empty?

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Team walks a mile in boots for charity


With a goal of raising $400, a team of Murraylands family and friends decided to fundraise for the Hutt Street Centre and set off for the Walk a Mile in My Boots Challenge on Friday, August 7. The challenge is one way the centre raises money to help end homelessness,...

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Meet the Case Workers of Hutt St Centre


We visit the centre on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. A volunteer gardener directs us to the door of a small building. We’re surprised that such a humble structure can make such an impact. It was National Homelessness Week last week, and so CityMag stopped by the Hutt St Centre to...

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