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Hutt St Centre


Posted by Hutt St Centre on 2016-06-15

In ten years of service at Hutt St Centre, Sister Gwen has been a blessing in her support to our clients, our volunteers, and the staff group...

We love Sister Gwen for her non-judgmental, kind and calm approach to the people we work with.

"I admire each one that comes in here, because you know most of them are just trying to get their lives together. They're grateful for so many little kindnesses. When you hear their stories and you think, haven't I been blessed in life? Having a good mum and dad. Just an ordinary home and, you know, just an ordinary sort of life." - Sister Gwen.

To farewell our beloved 'Gwennie', our CEO Ian Cox spoke on behalf of us all in explaining her worth and the value she has brought to the organisation.

"You have been the holder of our values, our own values warrior. You like to challenge, like to be cheeky, and love the challenge to dare to dream. You have been a great friend, a great soul mate to all staff, a great listener, great support, a great role model, and just an inspirational person"

We will miss our Gwennie dearly, but we are excited for her next chapter, and the next chapter in pastoral care here at Hutt St Centre.