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Hutt St Centre


Posted by Hutt St Centre on 2015-12-15


An upbringing with little support or positive guidance led Rolly to long-term chronic rough sleeping. Struggling with mental health issues, he was reluctant to engage with formal support structures. Rolly was well liked, but was a lost soul and found it hard to address his health and housing needs.

Rolly often comes to Hutt St Centre following a beating. Whilst he is usually the victim of violent attacks,
it is often Rolly who is picked up by the police. His demeanour fluctuates between happy and buoyant to depressed and helpless.

Earlier this year, with the encouragement of the Day Centre and Intake and Assessment teams who he
trusted, Rolly finally agreed to see a case manager to assist him with his search for housing. Stillsuffering frequent physical assaults and a deteriorating mental state, Rolly knew he was in need of safe and secure housing. After much support and encouragement, Housing SA offered Rolly a property with easy access to his support networks.

Rolly has now been living independently for two months. He is tremendously proud and his engagement with the team continues in a positive direction. Setbacks are part of life for Rolly but a new determination to live a better life is helping him gain momentum and hope. Our commitment to Rolly's successful exit from homelessness is unwavering. We believe in him.