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Hutt St Centre


Posted by Hutt St Centre on 2015-09-15

Last week one of our more vulnerable clients, Scott, asked Phill from our Day Centre "what would make you happy?" Phill replied 'a toasted cheese sandwich!' 'Is that all you want?' said Scott a little surprised. "Well' said Phill, 'it would be just perfect with ham and of course some tomato. That's all I really want". About an hour later one of the other workers told Phill that there was something for him in the Day Centre office. There on the desk in a brown paper bag were two ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches. Some people really can't afford to spend their money on others, but imagine how meaningful it is to make such a sacrifice to express their love and to just quietly say thank you.

Can you shout lunch for someone who can't shout you back?

We have regular enquiries from businesses and other groups wondering how they can fundraise for us. We have come up with My Shout - an easy way to get your whole team engaged. We will supply brown paper lunch bags to circulate through the office, the bags ask staff to consider shouting lunch for someone doing it tough, to the value of their own daily or weekly lunch. The bags are branded and have all the details needed to make a donation and to receive a tax-deductible receipt. To order the bagscontact with the quantity required.


Thanks to our friends at Motiv for the design work and to Detpak for the supply and print of the bags.