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Hutt St Centre

A hearfelt send off from the Day Centre

Posted by Hutt St Centre on 2015-09-05

It is a great reflection on Hutt St Centre and our culture that we have a number of staff who have been with us for more than 10 years. One of our longest serving team members, Sue, retired in July.

Sue started in the Day Centre in 1999 where she has supported and assisted clients for over 16 years. The legacy of her work in the Day Centre was never more clearly reflected than by the reaction of clients on her last day at Hutt St Centre. Clients collected money from each other in the week leading up to Sue's last day with the hope of buying her a present as a way of saying thank you for her years of support. Day Centre staff offered to help out with the money if needed but were quickly told that clients had managed to raise more than enough money between themselves.

A morning tea was held in the Day Centre on Sue's last day. The Client group presented Sue with a large bunch of flowers and a basket of chocolates and nuts. In all, the presents for Sue would have cost in excess of $100. The vast majority of people who come here do not have much money nor many belongings but were motivated to contribute to a personal gift to thank Sue for her years of hard work and dedication in the Day Centre.

Sue was given a send-off in the afternoon by staff but it is safe to say the farewell given to her by clients earlier that day will remain one of the most special and touching moments Sue has had at Hutt St Centre.