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Hutt St Centre

Your Kindness Gave Brian a Fresh Start

Brian* was a hard-working truck driver, but his life was suddenly turned upside down after a spider bite landed him in the hospital. The impact this had on his health forced him to put his work on hold. Before long, he found himself unemployed and eventually lost his home due to cost-of -living pressures.

For four challenging months, Brian found himself sleeping in his car near Hutt St Centre. But thanks to generous supporters like you, he found the help and support needed to rebuild his life.

Your support helped Brian have access to nutritious meals, hot showers and medical care. He was connected with the Pathways team to get help with Centrelink, and with his case manager, Donna, found Brian transitional housing accommodation on his journey to homefulness.

The joy of having a roof over his head was complemented by a newfound confidence in his smile, as the dental clinic – one of the 20+ visiting services at Hutt St Centre – provided Brian with a set of new dentures.

Donna and the transitional housing team advocated for Brian and helped him secure permanent housing.

With stable accommodation, Brian now looks forward to returning to the workforce and regaining the independence he temporarily lost during his challenging journey.

“Hutt St showed me there’s hope. Thank you to all the supporters. I can’t say it enough."


Transformative stories like Brian’s are only possible because of compassionate supporters like you. Thank you for ensuring our doors stay open to help people like Brian find their way out of homelessness.


 *While some names and images have been changed for privacy, these stories are very real and reflect how important your generosity is for helping people make their steps out of homelessness.



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