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Hutt St Centre

Thanks to You, Tim Has a New Beginning

After sleeping in his car for almost a year, Tim was exhausted and struggling with chronic back pain.

He constantly felt unsafe and anxious about preserving his car battery – just in case he needed to move on quickly. Too often, this left him with no way to stay warm or reach out for help.

But when Tim came to Hutt St Centre, he received the support he urgently needed. Thanks to your generosity, he was offered a nourishing meal, a hot shower, and a place to wash his clothes.

He was also able to seek professional healthcare for his chronic pain through our visiting specialists. After receiving treatment, extensive dental work and brand-new glasses, Tim began to feel like a new man.

“Without Hutt St Centre, people who are homeless would be so much worse off. I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today,” says Tim.

It’s thanks to your kindness that Hutt St Centre is often the first door a person walks through to ask for help to end their homelessness.

For Tim and many others, this is an essential connection point between the help they urgently need and the ongoing support that will lead them to finding a permanent place to call home.

Tim is so grateful to people like you who have made a contribution to Hutt St Centre and continued a legacy of helping to rebuild lives.

“They are people with very kind hearts,” he says. “There are not many people willing to help others they don’t even know.”

Tim now has a new home and is working towards a promising culinary career – and for the first time in many years, he is focusing on the future with hope.

With your continued generosity, other people at risk of or experiencing homelessness will continue to find an open door and helping hand at Hutt St Centre for many years to come.

Thank you.


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