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Hutt St Centre

Clapham Junction Community Christmas Event

On 18 December, Eire Café, in conjunction with the other three businesses at Clapham Junction held a Community Christmas Party. The four companies wanted to give back and say ‘thanks’ to the community that had supported them throughout the year, at the same time they wanted to raise funds to help people who may not be as fortunate this Christmas.

A nominal entry fee was charged and there was food and drinks available on the night, all donated by Clapham Junction businesses. All proceeds from the event were then donated to Hutt St Centre – totalling over $2750. Just Incredible!

We had a chat to Stephen and Zoi from Eire Café about the whole experience…

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Why did you choose to fundraise for Hutt St Centre?

We choose to raise funds for Hutt St Centre because we feel like we are very lucky and have a lot and therefore, we should give back. There is more than enough for everyone if we all share.  


Did you have any previous experience in running an event like this?

We have never done anything like this before. We have raised funds in passive ways through collection in the café but never an actual event like this.


Did your event require a lot of planning? Did you get help from friends and family in running this event?

Yes, it did require quite a bit of planning and we did have the help of our family. They were amazing and gave so much of their time. We found that people wanted to help when they knew it was for charity.


How did you promote your fundraising event?

We promoted it via Facebook, word of mouth and posters in the Clapham Junction shops.  We wanted it to be a community event and have the locals come down to not only participate but get to meet their neighbours.


What was the most rewarding part of your experience?

Most rewarding part was that even though it was so hot on the day (event day 40°+), people still made the effort to come and support such a great cause.  


Your best community fundraising tip?

Just do it! It is a very rewarding experience and it is always great to bring community together.


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Want to see more from Stephen and Zoi’s excellent event, head to