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Street Crew

Our aim is to know the name of every single person who is sleeping rough in Adelaide, and to support each and every person out of their homelessness. - Ian Cox, CEO, Hutt St Centre

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The Inner City Street Crew, a new outreach service, has been heading out 7 days a week in search of people who are vulnerable or sleeping rough in the city, and who are not connected to any homelessness service. The service is a partnership between Housing SA, Hutt St Centre, Baptist Care SA, Service to Youth Council and Uniting Communities.

The Hutt St Centre Street Crew team's main focus is to encourage people who are experiencing homelessness and hardship to visit Hutt St Centre for breakfast or lunch; to utilise the many other services on offer; or receive referal to other support services. This can often be the beginning of someone’s journey to exiting their homelessness.

Recently the team met Derek*, a man in his 60’s, who disclosed he had been diagnosed with cancer. After living in the same property for 20 years, an altercation with his housemate left him on the streets, fearing physical threat and feeling unsafe, with no-one to call on for support. Derek was met squatting in a laneway, where he’d been sleeping for the past three nights, not aware of any services available to him. With help from Street Crew phoned This group has proven very beneficial to Derek, helping him build friendships and regain self-confidence. 

Since the program began in March,  Street Crew quickly built rapport with people doing it tough and has helped people change their circumstances by providing case management and referrals to health and housing services. Street Crew members also provide basic assistance including water, food and sleeping bags.

If you or someone you know is sleeping rough, Street Crew can be contacted on 1800 811 180 seven days a week between 7 am - 7 pm.