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How We Help

Pastoral Care

Since 1954 we have been helping people who are experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives; with care and without judgement.  An integral part of our work based on the charism of the Daughters of Charity, is pastoral care which is lead by Sr Carole and her team of gentle and caring people. 

Stories of homelessness are often woven with sadness, loss, guilt, anguish and a sense of hopelessness. Pastoral Care responds to people’s diverse spiritual and emotional needs, helping to develop a sense of trust and love by offering a listening ear and a comforting hand.  It gives hope for a better life.

Some of the activities that sit alongside our pastoral care work include: visiting the sick in hospital, Staff and Volunteer Reflections, preparation for Funerals & Memorial Services, Special Prayer Service at Easter, Christmas and Anzac Day, Art & Sandplay Therapy. 

Sr Carole