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How We Help


A safe, welcoming place to share a meal

Hunger is something we can all understand, though most of us have ready access to food of our choice.

It’s different for someone who is homeless. We make the meals served as filling, tasty and nutritious as we can.  We also do our best to provide a welcoming environment with warm and helpful people, friendly faces, and a safe place for people to enjoy their meal.

It’s often the welcome a person receives in the meal centre that will make them comfortable enough to enquire about additional support services.

Over 40,000 meals are prepared and served each year, with the support of around 20 kitchen volunteers each day.

Meal service

How you can help

Become an Angel for a Day | Become an Archangel | Make a Donation

Our meal service, along with our Day Centre, is not government-funded and relies on the generosity of individuals, the community and businesses.

Donations and fundraising helps ensure we can continue to offer the basic, essential services that many of us take for granted such as a hearty meal, a hot shower, a locker to store precious few belongings and access to professional and health services.