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How We Help

Day Centre

The Day Centre is often a person’s first point of call to seek help

It provides a physical and an emotional doorway through to a wide-range of assistance. Here people can access basic essentials such as bathroom facilities, laundry, lockers and a warm cup of tea plus food, clothing, blankets and other basic items to enable them to simply survive from day to day. 

It is also a doorway to a place where a person will be welcomed, no matter their circumstances. It can be a relief from stereotype and judgement.

Welcome to the Day Centre

The significance and impact of welcoming and connecting with people when they first walk through our door cannot be underestimated.

Our team meet people at their most vulnerable. We try to quickly understand their most immediate needs, as well as steering and supporting them to access further services. This is a crucial first step to ending a person’s homelessness. Every person is unique, so every pathway out of homelessness will be different.

A snapshot of the Day Centre in the past year:

  • 8,500 showers
  • 4,200 loads of washing
  • 2,200 people were helped with basic everyday needs such as making appointments to see the nurse, referrals to other programs, using the computers, doing laundry, making calls for rental properties or to Housing SA, accessing the legal clinic, getting a change of clothes or blankets, making contact with family members.
  • Our lockers were used 1,020 times to store few, but precious belongings
  • 800 people were referred into case management or employment programs.
  • 51 haircuts
  • Volunteers provided computer drop-in support 2,400 times – computer skills are a vital link to increasing job prospects, but also an important way of connecting or reconnecting with family and friends
  • 1,117 appointments were made with the RDNS nurse.

How you can help

Make a Donation | walk a mile in my boots

Our Day Centre is not government-funded and relies entirely on the generous and ongoing support of the community and businesses.

Donations and fundraising helps ensure we can continue to offer the basic, essential services that many of us take for granted such as a hearty meal, a hot shower, a locker to store precious few belongings and access to professional and health services.