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Aged Care

Aged City Living

The Aged City Living program assists older people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to achieve an optimal level of independence, and to live well and safely in the community.

A specific aim is to prevent premature entry into residential care and frequent hospitalisation by providing assistance to link with community support services.

The services operate in the north, south, east and west metropolitan regions within 15 kilometers of the CBD.

Within the program, the four main services are provided:

Lifestyle and Health

This service offers a range of high quality and unique social support experiences that promote healthy lifestyle choices, social and community engagement, lifelong learning and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Activities include:

  • Walking for pleasure and fitness
  • Art and photography
  • Coffee and Chat
  • Outings
  • Community Lunches

Allied Health (Occupational Therapy)

This service aims to assist the older program participants to maximize their strengths and build skills to participate effectively in everyday activities.  Occupations are seen as the everyday activities that occupy time and energy and give meaning to people’s lives.

The Occupational Therapist completes practical standardised and non-standardised assessments and interventions that support the older person's needs.

These can include:

  • Functional and cognitive assessments – supporting clients to develop their independent living skills, manage their daily activities and maintain their tenancy.
  • Home safety assessments – assisting older clients to age safely in their own environment and prevent admission to inpatient settings through prescription of equipment and home modifications
  • Motivational interviewing and intervention – engaging clients in a process of re-motivation and recovery through purposeful activity
  • Sensory screening and intervention – providing sensory profiling and specific strategies that empower the client to feel safe and secure in their environment and develop positive coping strategies

Home Support

Provides support to people who need short to medium term assistance with shopping, housekeeping and appointments.

Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged

This service provides case management and advocacy support to people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and are 50 years and over (45 years and over if from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background), to access safe and secure housing, and live independently in the community.

Home and Community Care

This program aims to provide a broad range of flexible, low level home and community support to people who are under 65 years of age with a disability, and who have experienced homelessness to achieve independence in the home and community.

The Home and Community Care program operates in the eastern metropolitan region, and parts of the western and southern metropolitan regions.

Aged City Living is funded by both the Commonwealth and State governments. The Home and Community Care program is state funded.