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How We Help

How We Help

At Hutt St Centre there is so much that happens in the Day Centre and behind the scenes.

If you walked through the doors you would find hundreds of men and women enjoying healthy breakfasts and lunches in the dining room. In the Day Centre, men and women will be at computers checking on emails with family or participating in a learning program. There might be a visiting doctor seeing a stream of patients who wait patiently with a cup of tea, and another group following the test cricket on TV.

In the art room, you might find a volunteer teaching a group how to dye fabrics to make a wall hanging, and out in the laundry, a couple of clients doing their washing.

Behind the scenes are case managers, pastoral care staff and the management team working together to meet the urgent and ongoing needs of individuals and the continuous improvement in services.

Every person is unique, and the support provided to help rebuild their lives
is as varied as their life story.

We aim to end homelessness for every person who walks through our doors,
with care and without judgement.