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High Tea for Hi(dden) Society

Where there's tea, there's hopeHigh Tea cups

People who are homeless are often invisible to the rest of society, hidden within their own community.

Hosting a High Tea for Hi(dden) Society is something you can do with your friends, family and colleagues to support people facing homelessness in Adelaide.

Why host a High Tea?

Every night 1 in 200 people in Australia are homeless.

In South Australia 5,985 people find themselves without shelter, a warm place to rest their heads, where they feel safe and secure.

Our aim is to end homelessness for every person who walks through our doors - and we need your help to do so.

Host a High Tea and help people come out of the shadows and break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Host with the Most

You might meet at a local high tea venue and put in some extras dollars as donations, or you might prefer to host a simple or lavish event at home. Our experience is others will generously support such a worthy cause while they enjoy good company, food, tea and coffee.  In the past, hosts have boosted their fundraising with raffles or lucky door prizes or games. Be creative and have some fun.

We have made hosting your own High Tea easy with our downloadable resources. All you need to do is register your interest and the proposed date you wish to hold your High Tea and we will send some great info and resources to you.

You might also be interested in theming your event with tea cup and saucer sets, cake stands or beautiful table cloths.

Complimentary Tea from Tbar

Thanks to our friends at Tbar, once you have registered your High Tea, we will organise for you a selection of teas to offer your guests on the day. To order your complimentary tea pack, call Nicole on 8418 2512 or email

Get your work involved

Holding a High Tea at your workplace is a great fundraising idea that requires very little effort.

Your workplace can choose to hold a High Tea during anytime of the year. We have designed resources suitable to be used in your organisation. To learn more and register your interest, please fill out your details below and we will get back to you.

Here are few suggestions to get you started:

  • Speak with your boss and colleagues about the idea before proceeding
  • Organise colleagues to each bring a plate of food for your High Tea
  • Register your fundraiser on our fundraising platform (making receiving donations much easier)
  • Promote your event within your organisation (using our resources)
  • Start fundraising! –You can use our fundraising platform or if you wish, download our donor pledge form

Get your school involved

Organising a High Tea at your school is a great way to get the kids involved in the preparation and cooking of the food and at the same time, teaching them the importance of helping those less fortunate.

You may also wish to hold a High Tea at your school with the staff group.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

    • Ask your employer/seek permission first
    • Assign tasks to your students/work mates so they feel involved in the process
    • Set up a fundraising page or download a donor pledge form if you prefer to collect donations

Plan your event

  1. Decide on a date
  2. Choose a suitable location to hold your High Tea (this could be at home, at your workplace or even in a function room
  3. Register your High Tea with Hutt St Centre by emailing or calling 08 8418 2505
  4. Send out invitations to guests with suggestions on what dish they may like to bring
  5. Set up a fundraising page or if you would rather take donations personally, download and print a donor pledge form. Make sure you have enough copies on the day
  6. Have fun!

Get social

Share your High Tea plans with friends and family on social media using the below hashtags:

  • #hiT4hiddensociety
  • #hightea4huttstcentre
  • #endhomelessness
  • #huttstcentre
  • @huttstcentre

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