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About us

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Hutt St Centre's vision is for a society where everyone is respected and encouraged to reach and sustain their full potential in a healthy, safe and inclusive community.

Our Mission

Hutt St Centre, a work of the Daughters of Charity, affirms the dignity and rights of each person. Our work is to confront the causes and consequences of homelessness by preventing it at the source, addressing its manifestations, and by reducing its reoccurrence.

Hutt St Centre is a safe place of hope, warmth and belonging, providing essential and professional services to meet the needs of homeless and vulnerable people in the inner city of Adelaide.

Social Justice

Homeless but not helpless

Hutt St Centre believes in a society that provides all humans no matter their race, status, or conditions, equal opportunities in order to live a full life. Inadequate employment opportunities, lack of affordable housing, poverty and inequitable access to health care, are just some of the structural factors which marginalise homeless people in our society.

We believe that together, we have a responsibility to care for those who suffer as a result of the inequities and to change those structures so everyone can benefit from the resources the community has to offer. We take up those challenges by working directly with the homeless population and being a voice for systematic change.