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About us

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Hutt St Centre is a place where people who are challenged by homelessness can change their lives forever.

At Hutt St Centre people are nurtured, respected, encouraged and supported to make choices, build skills, and connect with others to create a new beginning. We care.

Our Mission

Hutt St Centre is a work of the Daughters of Charity. Our work is built on respect for individuals, their dignity and choices, responsiveness to their needs, and living our beliefs through excellence in service provision.

With creativity, love, respect, friendship and faith we work to inspire people experiencing homelessness to achieve their full potential.

Working in partnership with our clients, we meet peoples' immediate needs for meals, showers, health, counselling and legal services. But we do more. We provide case management, housing support and life skills through education, training and employment services because we know this offers a pathway out of homelessness.

Homeless but not helpless

Hutt St Centre believes in a society that provides all humans no matter their race, status, or conditions, equal opportunities in order to live a full life. Inadequate education and employment opportunities, lack of affordable housing, poverty and inequitable access to health care, are just some of the structural factors which marginalise homeless people in our society.

We believe that together, we have a responsibility to care for those who suffer as a result of the inequities and to change those structures so everyone can benefit from the resources the community has to offer. We take up those challenges by working directly with the homeless population and being a voice for systematic change.